We invite you to set aside a few minutes, each Wednesday between noon and 2pm, to pray with the Trinity community.

At Trinity:
Pray for our Joint Church Secretaries Catherine Paul and Sam Elliot.

Our Borough:
Pray for Colliers Wood ward councillors Laxmi Attawar, Caroline Cooper-Marbiah and Nick Draper.

URC Southern Synod & South London Synod Area:
Pray for our Synod Training & Development Officer Revd Andy Twilley, and for all who will be attending his seminars on Small Groups which begin on Wednesday at Trinity.

The wider United Reformed Church:
Pray for the URC’s Eastern Synod, moderator Revd Paul Whittle and staff.

Campaigns & Events:
This is One World Week; pray for the United Nations and for all who work for a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

World Council of Churches ecumenical prayer cycle:
Pray for the island-nations of the Caribbean.

Banner for the Christmas Tree Festival



To see more information about the Festival, click on the green logo on the left hand side of this website.

Sunday 15 October
09:30 Choir Practice
11:00      Morning worship

Monday 16 October
20:00      Badminton

Tuesday 17 October

Wednesday 18 October
10:30     Christmas Tree Festival planning meeting
12:00-14:00     Trinity Angelus

Thursday 19 October
20:00      Finance Team

Friday 20 October
10:00      Trinity Toddlers
19:30      Film Club
19:45      Choir Practice

Saturday 21 October
16:00      Pilots

22-29              One World Week

Sunday 22 October
09:30      Choir Practice
11:00      Morning worship

We are planning a very special decoration for the Christmas Tree Festival this year, but we need everyone to help us.  Will you sponsor a poinsettia plant (£5 each), perhaps in memory of someone?  The plants will be on display throughout the Festival, from 7 to 10 December.  Then after the Festival is over, the poinsettia plant will be yours to take away.  It can be collected following “Carols Among the Trees” on Sunday 10 December.

Please complete a card and return it to Andrew Sutton, together with your donation, as soon as possible.  Cards are available in the church vestibule and Mansel Road Centre, or from Andrew.  The proceeds will go to Save the Children.

Equipping Small Group Leaders at Trinity
Led by Revd Andy Twilley, Training & Development Officer for Southern Synod


The four sessions include:
–  How to be a better group leader
–  Using the Bible creatively in your group
–  Refreshing prayer and worship in your group
–  Your group can grow


Where:            Mansel Road Centre
When:             Wednesday 25 October & Thursday 30 November 2017,
Wednesday 10 January & Wednesday 7 February 2018

Time:              19.30 for refreshments;  20.00 start of seminars

To find out more or to book a place please contact: Sam Elliot: samelliot82@yahoo.co.uk