Sunday 25 June
09:30      Choir Practice
11:00      Morning worship with infant baptism

Monday 26 June
10:30     Christmas Tree Festival planning meeting

Tuesday 27 June
19:30        Musical rehearsal

Wednesday 28 June
20:00        Queens Road housegroup

Thursday 29 June
20:00         Roll Review group

Friday 30 June
10:00         Trinity Toddlers
19:30         Musical rehearsal
19:30         Film Club/Friday Fellowship

Saturday 1 July 
16:00         Pilots

Sunday 2 July
10:30         Elders’ Meeting
11:00        Morning worship with Holy Communion

We invite you to set aside a few minutes, each Wednesday between noon and 2pm, to pray with the Trinity community.

At Trinity:
Pray for all who are involved in Friday Fellowship and Pilots at Trinity.

Our Borough:
Pray for residents and staff at residential care homes in our borough.

URC Southern Synod & South London Synod Area:
Pray for the Synod Ministries Committee meeting on Wednesday.

The wider United Reformed Church:
Pray for the URC’s East Midlands Synod, moderator Revd Peter Meek and staff.

Campaigns & Events:
As the academic year comes to an end, pray for all who are leaving school, college or university.

World Council of Churches ecumenical prayer cycle:
Pray for Kenya and Tanzania.

Yes we know you are sweltering in our heatwave, and we’re sorry to mention it but our next Christmas Tree Festival is only six months away!

Our 2017 Christmas Tree Festival, supporting Save the Children, takes place from Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 December.

The theme is “Christmas Around the World” and each tree will be decorated to depict a country where Christmas is celebrated.  Around 40 beautifully decorated and illuminated trees will fill the church and make a spectacular display throughout the building, especially as daylight begins to fade.

If you’d like to sponsor and/or decorate a tree, please get in touch as soon as possible.  The cost is £60 for a 5ft tree.

Emaill or contact us via the Church Office, (020 8946 9281, option 1).