Sermon on the mount


The house group will meet on Thursday 12 May (8pm) at 217 Queens Road.  We will be continuing our study of the Sermon on the Mount.

We would be delighted to welcome anybody who would like to come.  Further information can be obtained from Andrew Sutton.


Are you aware of the importance of the referendum on the Britain’s membership of the European, yet overwhelmed by the complexity of the issues and cautious about what to make of the arguments?

The United Reformed Church, with its Joint Public Issues Team partners, the Baptist Union, the Methodist Church and the Church of Scotland, has produced a guide to help think through the issues in the light of the Gospel command to love your neighbour.

URC Secretary for Church and Society, Grace Pengelly, says: ‘It is vital that as Christians we are well informed as we vote. This resource will help churches navigate their way through the complex issues of the referendum debate.’

Designed as a discussion resource for churches and small groups, it tackles the key issues, such as sovereignty, economics, the environment, and free movement and migration.

Rather than provide answers, it is a tool to help explore some of the aspects of the debate to give us more clarity and confidence as we make our way to the polling booths on 23 June.

Click here to see the full document.

CTSL Refugee Response 17 May [202753]


Our next Church Meeting, on Wednesday 25 May at 8pm, is a very important one for Trinity.  Please make every effort to attend.

Since our Local Ministry and Mission Review (LMMR) late last year, Elders’ Council has been considering how to respond its findings.  Now we want to share our deliberations with the whole church, and work together to set a new course for Trinity, with new priorities, a new mission statement and new ideas for action.

Click here for further information about the meeting.

Sunday 1 May
09:15       Bible with Breakfast
10:30       Elders’ meeting
11:00      Morning Worship with Holy Communion

Monday 2 May – Early May Bank Holiday

Tuesday 3 May
10:30       Lettings Team

Wednesday 4 May
14:30       Wednesday Social Group
20:00       Joint meeting of Elders’ Council & Finance Team

Thursday 5 May

Friday 6 May
10:00      Trinity Toddlers
10:00      Olive Branch Cafe
14:30      Funeral service for Mrs Jean Melrose, followed by a reception in the Mansel Road Centre
19:30      ‘Whistle Down The Wind’ Rehearsal
19:45      Choir Practice
20:00      Friday Fellowship

Saturday 7 May
16:00       Pilots

Sunday 8 May
09:30       Bible with Breakfast
09:30       Choir practice
11:00       Morning worship