Sunday 17 February
09:30         Choir practice
11:00        Morning Worship
Theme:      ‘Revealed in Wellbeing’.  Bible readings: Jeremiah 17:5-10; Psalm 1 and Luke 6: 17-26
14:00          Merton Winter Night Shelter

Monday 18 February

Tuesday 19 February
20:00      Communications & Publicity Team

Wednesday 20 February
12:00-14:00     Trinity Angelus
20:00      Queens Road Housegroup

Thursday 21 February
19:30      Prayer Group

Friday 22 February 
20:00      Choir Practice

Saturday 23 February
18:30      Chinese New Year Supper

Sunday 24 February
09:30       Choir practice
11:00      Morning Worship with Baptism & Reception into Church membership
Theme:    ‘Revealed in Peace’.  Bible Readings: Psalm 37:1-11, 39-40 & Luke 6: 27-38
14:00      Merton Winter Night Shelter

The Queens Road housegroup will meet this Wednesday (20 February) at 8pm at 217 Queens Road.
We are currently studying St Mark’s Gospel. We start with tea or coffee before embarking on our exploration of the Bible passage.

Many people say they’d like to join a study group. If you are one of these people, why not come along to see if this is what you are looking for ?  You will be very welcome.

We invite you to set aside a few minutes, each Wednesday between noon and 2pm, to pray with the Trinity community.

Pray for the Merton Winter Night Shelter, hosted at Trinity and other local faith venues. Pray for Faith in Action, working the year round.

This is OCD Awareness week. Pray for those affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders.

Pray for France, Germany and Monaco (World Council of Churches Ecumenical prayer cycle)

The 2019 World Day of Prayer (formerly Women’s World Day of Prayer) has been prepared by the women of Slovenia and will be celebrated in more than 170 countries, in more than 60 languages and 1000 dialects around the world. The theme, “Come – Everything is Ready” will be celebrated in Wimbledon on Friday 1 March at St Saviour’s church, Grand Drive and Wimbledon Congregational church – see below for times and details.  Refreshments will be served after each Service.  All welcome.

The Merton Night Shelter has been running for eight years now at faith venues across Merton borough, serving homeless people over the coldest months. Run as a partner project of the  YMCA St Paul’s Group (an association of YMCAs serving young people and communities across London), it’s supported by the Wimbledon Foundation and Merton Council.

YMCA Project Coordinator Nicki Zisman allocates 14 places at the Merton Night Shelter to people who are either referred by partner agencies or who have self-referred. Many people are referred via the Merton Faith in Action Homeless Project. Valerie (main picture) is the only female guest at the shelter and has her own private space allocated. She is Hungarian and speaks little English, so YMCA staff communicate with her via Google translate.

Beds are set up at the Merton Night Shelter venues where the guests are also provided with a hot dinner, and depending on the venue, a shower too. Set-ups vary from venue to venue, depending on space. “We have 14 different faith venues hosting which include churches, the synagogue and the mosque, with the Hindu temple providing the food at one of the churches. We will host approximately 35 people over any winter season,” says Nicki.

Polish speaking volunteers help the guests

“Our core purpose is to offer respite over the coldest winter months, but we try to help people  move into accommodation. We register everyone with a GP and try to support with what ever issues are guests need help with.

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