The Alban Pilgrimage is the biggest event on the Cathedral calendar of St Albans, when the martyrdom of Saint Alban is remembered and his importance to the Christian history in the city of St Albans.

On Saturday 20 June 2015 two significant church leaders will be welcomed at the Alban Pilgrimage: the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, will attend and preach at the Eucharist, and the Archbishop of Rouen, Mgr Jean-Charles Descubes, will preach at Evensong.

Full details at https://www.stalbanscathedral.org/worship-and-music/the-alban-pilgrimage.
If you would like to join a party going from Wimbledon to St Albans for the Pilgrimage, contact Alban Thurston as soon as possible (by the end of April).

Sunday 26 April
09:30    Choir practice
09:30    Bible with Breakfast
11:00    Morning worship

Monday 27 April
20:00    Badminton

Tuesday 28 April
10:45    Coffee & Chat

Wednesday 29 April
20:00    Joint Elders’ Council & Finance Team

Thursday 30 April

Friday 1 May
10:00    Trinity Toddlers
12:30    Pray & Fast for the Climate
19:30    ‘The Baptist’ rehearsal

Saturday 2 May
16:00    Pilots

Sunday 3 May
09:15    Bible with Breakfast
10:30    Elders’ meeting
11:00    Morning with Holy Communion.  Ordination & induction of elders.

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A perfect afternoon for a walk in the Surrey hills, followed by refreshment at Brockham.  A Trinity group on Saturday 25 April.


Film-ReelThere will be something slightly different at the May meeting of the Wednesday Social Group.  On 6 May at 2pm there will be a showing of an (amateur) film taken at Trinity sixteen years ago.

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Been coming to Trinity for a while, and now feeling that it’s time to formalise a church commitment?  Or perhaps you’ve moved from another area and your ‘home church’ is too far away now?

It could be that church membership at Trinity URC is right for you.

A service for reception of new members is now being planned, so please contact Dominic if you’d like to explore this.