The Church Secretaries’ annual review of Trinity’s life and activities during 2017 can be read here.

Sunday 20 May – Pentecost
09:30     Choir practice
11:00     Morning worship
16:00     First Aid training

Monday 21 May
20:00     Badminton

Tuesday 22 May

Wednesday 23 May
12:00-14:00     Trinity Angelus
20:00     Church Meeting

Thursday 24 May

Friday 25 May 
10:00     Trinity Toddlers
20:00     Choir practice

Saturday 26 May

Sunday 27 May – Trinity Sunday
09:30         Choir practice
11:00        Morning worship

We invite you to set aside a few minutes, each Wednesday between noon and 2pm, to pray with the Trinity community.

In preparation for our Church Meeting on Wednesday evening, pray for wisdom and discernment as we seek God’s will for this church and its community

This is Dementia Action Week; pray for individuals, carers and families affected by dementia, and give thanks for the widening availability of ‘dementia-friendly’ training and resources

Pray for Indian Ocean island nations: Comoros, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles (World Council of Churches Ecumenical Prayer Cycle)

Data protection rules are changing at the end of May.  At Trinity we already seek to implement and abide by ‘best practice’ principles for handling the personal information of all our church members, friends and visitors; you can be assured that we will continue to do so.

We’re not issuing a plea for fresh confirmation of your consent:  our handling of your contact details is fully compliant with the new regulations.  However, this is a good opportunity to bring your attention to the following:

  • Data Privacy Notice – this document can be found on the Notice Board in the Vestry Corridor, and on the church’s website. It details our principles and procedures in relation to the personal data that we collect and process, as well as explaining your rights (and whom to contact if you wish to check or change the data we hold about you, or to withdraw the consent you’ve given us).
  • ‘Webbers’ mailing list – this email facility, which uses the third-party Mailchimp platform, is one way we keep in touch with members and friends. New users can sign up online, and existing users can check or alter their subscription and preferences by clicking the appropriate link at the bottom of every ‘Webbers’ email.  In case of difficulty, there is a form available in the church office to ask us to create or alter a ‘Webbers’ subscription for you (to be clear, we will only do this for you with your consent).
  • Emergency contact details – if you would like Trinity to have a record of a friend or family member whom we should contact in case of emergency, there is a form available in the church office for you to give this information. This facility is entirely optional, and your completion of a form confirms consent; completed forms are kept in a secure file for emergency use only.


What is our church here for?  What are the tasks God is giving us, and how will we seek to carry them out?

These are the kinds of question that every church needs to ask itself, and to keep asking itself, if it is to remain faithful and effective in its work and witness. Trinity’s Church Meeting is a prime forum for addressing such questions: as we speak and listen to one another, as we take counsel together, we discern God’s will for our church and for our engagement with the wider community.

At our Church Meeting on Wednesday 23 May at 8pm we have the opportunity to review and refresh Trinity’s Mission and Priorities for the time ahead.

We will also be looking back at 2017 with the the Church Secretaries’ review of the year, and the Report of Trustees and financial statements.

Join us for this important meeting.