We’ve had a wonderful weekend celebrating our 4th Christmas Tree Festival, including our new Craft & Gift Fair on Saturday.  Thank you to all those who have worked so hard to make it all such a success.

Firstly, to all our tree sponsors and decorators, and to those who created the gallery scene of London’s skyline complete with helicopter.  They did an outstanding job of transforming the church this week, and they’ve all been so imaginative and creative.  Again this year we were joined by some of those who hire our premises week by week, and by a number of local organisations, so there was a wonderful community spirit.

Thanks also go to those who delivered flyers, and to those who did the work of setting up the trees, to our welcomers who nobly shivered in the porch for the cause!  And to those who provided our music, a very big ‘thank you’.

Those of us who heard Ali Wade speak about the work of London’s Air Ambulance were greatly inspired, and our thanks go to her for that, for returning to decorate their tree, and it was lovely to see her again at our “Carols Among the Trees”.  We have been very well supported by London’s Air Ambulance, our Festival charity.

Sunday 9 December – Christmas Tree Festival
11:00     Morning worship
14:00     Nativity rehearsal
16:30     Carols Among the Trees – followed by refreshments

Monday 10 December

Tuesday 11 December

Wednesday 12 December
12:00-14:00     Trinity Angelus
14:30     Wednesday Social Group
20:00     Church & Society

Thursday 13 December
19:30     Prayer group
20:00     Pastoral meeting

Friday 14 December
10:00     Trinity Toddlers
20:00     Friday Fellowship

Saturday 15 December

Sunday 16 December
11:00     All age worship & Children’s nativity play
18:30     Carols & readings by candlelight – followed by mulled wine & mince pies

We invite you to set aside a few minutes, each Wednesday between noon and 2pm, to pray with the Trinity community.

Pray for all local groups with their carol concerts and Christmas events – in schools and community groups and churches. Pray especially for our Nativity play and our Candlelight service, as we offer new insights to members and the wider community.

Pray for those working in retail, whether in shops or in warehouses and their delivery drivers.

Pray for Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
(World Council of Churches ecumenical prayer cycle) https://www.oikoumene.org/en/resources/prayer-cycle/cambodia-laos-vietnam

As part of our Christmas Tree Festival, we are thrilled to announce that our own Eddie Henning and friends will be playing some Christmas Jazz songs at 6pm on Saturday 8 December.

Don’t miss this three piece jazz band providing a terrific close to our first day of the Festival.

Free – but donations to London’s Air Ambulance will be welcome.

An opportunity to meet together with Trinity friends during the middle two weeks of December, to explore the message and meaning of our favourite seasonal hymns and carols.

Choose from Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday evenings; further days/times may be possible depending on demand. Please see the sign-up sheet on the vestry corridor noticeboard for further details!

Sunday 2 December – Advent Sunday
10:30     Elders’ Meeting
11:00     Morning worship with Holy Communion
Ali Wade from London’s Air Ambulance will speak about the charity we are supporting at our Christmas Tree Festival

Monday 3 December

Tuesday 4 December

Wednesday 5 December
12:00-14:00     Trinity Angelus
20:00     Elders’ Council

Thursday 6 December
10:30-20:00     Tree decorating day for Christmas Tree Festival
19:30     Prayer group at Woodside

Friday 7 December
10:00     Trinity Toddlers
20:00     Friday Fellowship/Film Club

Saturday 8 December
10:30-19:00     Christmas Tree Festival
11:00-15:00     Christmas Craft & Gift Fair

Sunday 9 December – Christmas Tree Festival
11:00     Morning worship   
12:30-16:00     Christmas Tree Festival open
15:00     Nativity Rehearsal
16:30     Carols Among the Trees – closing the Christmas Tree Festival

Our 36 Christmas trees are on their way for our Festival next weekend, and will be delivered early on Tuesday morning.  We then have to get them into position, ready for our decorators to come into the church on Thursday.  This is a big job unless it is shared.

If you could spare an hour or so to help us put the trees into position on Wednesday 5 December (between 10:30 and 20:00) it would be very much appreciated.

If you are unable to help during the day, but could give an hour or so in the evening of Tuesday 4 December that would be great too.  Please let Catherine Paul know as soon as possible.

As part of this year’s Christmas Tree Festival, we will be holding a Christmas Craft & Gift Fair

Come along on Saturday 8 December from 11am to 3pm to support local crafters.

All your Christmas shopping under one roof!

We hope to see you on Advent Sunday at 11 o’clock..

We will be lighting our first Advent candle to mark the beginning of our Christmas celebrations.






We will  hear a volunteer from London’s Air Ambulance tell us a little about the life-saving work of the charity we are supporting at our Christmas Tree Festival

and we will celebrate our monthly Holy Communion.


We invite you to set aside a few minutes, each Wednesday between noon and 2pm, to pray with the Trinity community.

Pray for our Christmas Tree Festival next weekend. Pray for those who have worked at planning it and for those from our local community who have become involved. Pray for the work of London’s Air Ambulance, which we are supporting through this year’s festival.

This is Anger Awareness Week. Pray for those in situations that make them angry, that they may find constructive ways to use that emotion. Pray for all those who will be in stressed relationships at Christmas and New Year, that anger may not wreak havoc amongst them.

Pray for Myanmar and Thailand.  (World Council of Churches ecumenical prayer cycle)