This week and for the next two weeks there will an opportunity to donate to the commitment for Life Lent Appeal.  Commitment for Life supports Christian Aid projects in Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Israel & the occupied Palestinian territories, and Central America.
Any cheques should be made payable to ‘Trinity Wimbledon URC’ , placed in the envelopes provided at church, and donated via the offertory bags during our Morning Worship.

Work is, at last, about to begin on the dismantling of our old pipe organ, and then the installation of our brand new digital organ.  You can read all about this – including the destination of our pipe organ – in this month’s edition of Trinity News.

So for five Sundays – beginning on 10 March – we shall be worshipping in the Old Halll while the work is carried out in the church, and we look forward to seeing you there as usual.

Please note that while the work is carried out there will be no parking available on the church forecourt during weekdays.

The Children & Youth Work Team is currently evaluating our work with children and young people as part of our renewal of the Child Friendly Church Award.

As part of this process, we are holding a review and future strategy session on Saturday 30 March at 1.30pm.  Members of the Children & Youth Work Team and the Elders’ Council will be in attendance, but we very much want to open the discussion to anyone who is interested, particularly parents.

We will be joined by Hannah Jones who will be giving us some insight into youth work in the wider URC following her year as Moderator of URC Youth.

This session will be facilitated by Sam Elliot and is an opportunity for everyone in Trinity to be involved in shaping this most important area of Trinity’s mission. If you want to know more or would want to register your interest in attending, please contact Claire Wood  (

To speak of Christian giving is to acknowledge God’s call to offer money, time, skills and attention in Christ’s service. This series of five Sunday services explores the broad context of Christian giving, so that we may respond with confidence to the opportunities God places before us.


Sunday 10 March:  ‘Giving Up’

11am    Morning Worship in the Old Hall   (Bible reading: Luke 4.1-13)
We may plan our Lenten Fasting as a particular discipline – yet whenever we give, it means we’re going to be ‘doing without’. How might we keep our focus upon God in circumstances of austerity?

Sunday 17 March:  ‘Giving Back’
11am   Morning Worship in the Old Hall   (Bible reading: Deut. 26.1-11)
We come into the world with nothing – so whenever we give, it means we’re handing over something that we in turn have received.  How might an awareness of ‘salvation history’ – and our own history – impact upon our readiness to give?

Sunday 24 March:  ‘Giving ear’
11am   Morning Worship in the Old Hall  (Bible reading: Isaiah 55.1-9)
We tend to think of giving as our initiative – yet whenever we give, it means we have in some sense heeded someone’s prompting. How might we learn to listen attentively and to discern God’s prompting?

Sunday 31 March (Mothering Sunday):  ‘Giving freely’
11am   All Age Worship in the Old Hall  (Bible reading: Luke 15.11b-32)
We try to be wise in our handling of resources – so whenever we give, it means we’re surrendering control and opening ourselves to risk. How might we learn to display Godly generosity by balancing carefulness with recklessness?

Sunday 7 April: ‘Giving forward’
11am   Holy Communion in the Old Hall   (Bible reading: John 12.1-8)
We try to plan our finances with an eye to the future – yet whenever we give, we’re likely to find there are consequences beyond the limits of our foresight.  How might our giving today become an investment in God’s future?