This Sunday is Ascension Sunday.  Here are the resources for this week. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next Sunday when we’ll be back at Trinity. Story Activity sheet YP sheet

We are so looking forward to seeing you again on 23 May!  In the meantime, here are the resources for tomorrow’s Junior Church, focusing on friendship and love. They suggest talking about friendship with your children using the following prompts: Who are your friends?  What do you like about them? How does it make you feel, Read More

This week’s Junior Church focuses on Jesus as the vine and us as the branches.  A nice activity is attached making ‘corky grapes’ using a cork and paint as well as the activity sheet and the story. Story Activity sheet Creating corky grapes

Here are the resources for this week – the story is the Good Shepherd. There’s a picture sheet where you can play ‘Kim’s Game’ where they study it for 30 seconds, you cover it, and they have to recall all the pictures, which are linked to the story. Story Activity sheet Good shepherd game, Read More

Here are the materials for tomorrow’s Junior Church – there’s a poem this time to augment the story and activity sheet. Story Activity sheet Poem

This Sunday’s theme is Thomas and testing truth. One suggested starter activity involves thinking about smart speakers at home like Siri or Alexa.  Ask: ‘do you think this is a real person or a computer?  How do you know – what is the proof?  It’ll be interesting to hear what they say! Story Activity sheet, Read More

Happy Easter weekend!  I hope you’re all well and have a lovely day tomorrow. Here are the resources for tomorrow’s Junior church, including a ‘hunt the risen Jesus’ activity – print off 4-5 copies and hide around the house for the children to find (you could even combine with an Easter egg hunt if, Read More

Here are the activities for this week’s Junior Church. You might like to look also at the Messy Church materials if you’ve not managed to watch the video yet – you can find it here.  If you do any of the Messy Church activities or Junior Church activities, please do send photos to Sarah to, Read More

Our resources for tomorrow’s Junior Church include a set of emojis with which to react to the story (as you read the story, the children point to an emoji they feel reflects that point in the story), plus the activity sheet and YP sheet. Enjoy! Don’t miss the latest Messy Church with lots of wonderful craft, Read More