This Sunday’s theme is Thomas and testing truth. One suggested starter activity involves thinking about smart speakers at home like Siri or Alexa.  Ask: ‘do you think this is a real person or a computer?  How do you know – what is the proof?  It’ll be interesting to hear what they say! Story Activity sheet, Read More

Happy Easter weekend!  I hope you’re all well and have a lovely day tomorrow. Here are the resources for tomorrow’s Junior church, including a ‘hunt the risen Jesus’ activity – print off 4-5 copies and hide around the house for the children to find (you could even combine with an Easter egg hunt if, Read More

Here are the activities for this week’s Junior Church. You might like to look also at the Messy Church materials if you’ve not managed to watch the video yet – you can find it here.  If you do any of the Messy Church activities or Junior Church activities, please do send photos to Sarah to, Read More

Our resources for tomorrow’s Junior Church include a set of emojis with which to react to the story (as you read the story, the children point to an emoji they feel reflects that point in the story), plus the activity sheet and YP sheet. Enjoy! Don’t miss the latest Messy Church with lots of wonderful craft, Read More

Tomorrow’s Mothering Sunday service will feature Kiera Probert reading the Bible passages and Deon and Dena-Jo Nunoo leading the prayers of concern. Please join in on Zoom if you can. The resources for tomorrow’s Junior Church are available here: Story Activity sheet Mobius strip YP sheet

Tomorrow’s Junior Church materials focus on Jesus overturning the tables in the Temple and a consideration of what ‘church’ is. You could play a coin toss game – with heads, ask the children to suggest something that we need to be church, while with tails, invite the children to suggest something that is not needed, Read More

Here are this week’s materials from Sarah Elliot for Junior Church – the theme is discipleship. The heart template works as follows: ask your child to write an open-hearted message to a family member/friend e.g. ‘Thank you that I can tell you anything’. They then cut out the heart and fold along the dotted, Read More

The theme of tomorrow’s session is being ready to face the wilderness of today’s world as Jesus went into the wilderness and was tempted. There’s a nice activity involving play dough – the children make models of things they would need to survive in the desert. Discuss and ask what would you need that, Read More

Here are the activities for tomorrow’s Junior Church on the theme of transfiguration. You might also like to make iced biscuits to show the scene: green icing spread over the biscuit to represent the mountain, three coloured sweets to represent Peter, James and John, two more for Moses and Elijah and a white mint, Read More

Here are the resources for tomorrow’s Junior Church – the arrows are for writing ‘priorities for the week’ on – adults can do this too!  Story Activiity sheet Arrows YP sheet