Friday Fellowship

What is Friday Fellowship?
Friday Fellowship is a youth group where YPs get a chance to do some group activities, chill out and hang with friends at the end of the week, go mad at the sweets in the tuck shop, and just have fun!

When is Friday Fellowship?
Every term time Friday from 8pm-9.30pm

Who is Friday Fellowship for?
Any young person (YP) from Year 7 to (and including) Year 10.

How much does it cost?
£1 a week. Though we suggest they bring a little pocket money for the tuck shop. This is a not for profit tuck shop and is sold for face value and therefore is very cheap.

Who is organising it?
A group of volunteers.  All those who organise and are a part of Friday Fellowship are DBS checked and have undergone safeguarding training. There is also always at least one qualified first aider.

What sort of activities are there?
We have a range of table games such as table tennis, table football, pool, and air hockey.

It will then go in to the more organised part of the evening where around 20 minutes will be spent discussing a topical subject in the news or regarding social justice, linked with the Bible.  Here we use renowned materials from Christian Aid and Barnardo’s.  This is an excellent opportunity for YPs to learn more about Christianity, gain skills in debating and critical thinking, and to learn about worldly events that they may have been unaware of otherwise.  This year this time is spent organising their own event to raise money for Toilet Twinning.

It then moves on to an activity for the rest of the evening which can include a quiz, team sport games, cooking or a form of craft.  There is also a trip out a term, to places such as Trampoline Parks, cinemas, or Lazer Quest.

Who do I contact for more details?
For more details contact Claire Wood, or leave a message for Claire via the Church Office (020) 8946 9281.