Christingle service in church 2014 children with candles


pilots_logo_-_unshadedPilots is a non-uniformed Christian youth group that is part of the United Reformed Church and Congregational Federation.  It was formed in 1936 in memory of the missionary John Williams and the fundraising work carried out by children in England to fund the creation of a boat named in his honour to continue his legacy and work.


Trinity’s Pilots company was inaugurated on 11 January 2015 at a special service.  Our meetings are an exciting and energetic mix of games, craft and other activities with strong elements of worship, prayer and service.  We are also part of the wider Pilots organisation, using their resources, linking up with other Pilots companies, and attending national Pilots events.

We meet on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 4-6pm and if you are between 5 and 11 years old (School Year 6), and might enjoy playing games, doing craft and making new friends, we’d love to see you.

For more information please contact Sam via email to or leave a message with the office (