United Reformed Church

The United Reformed Church (URC) is a group of Christian churches across England, Scotland and Wales and is part of the worldwide family of Reformed Churches, which has a total membership of more than 70 million.  The URC itself has around 53,000 members in 1,426 congregations, with more than 600 active ministers.

Historical background
The name United Reformed reflects our roots in the Reformation.  This began in 1517 after Martin Luther published his ’95 Theses’ attacking papal abuses.  The ‘Reformed’ part of our name also reflects our continual aim of reforming ourselves to be a Church for the present day.

The United Reformed Church Act of 1972 formally merged the Presbyterian Church of England and the Congregational Church in England and Wales.  One MP described this merger as: ‘one of the most historic measures in the history of the Christian churches in this country’.  The denomination expanded when the Churches of Christ joined us in 1981, followed by the Scottish Congregationalists in 2000.

The URC is a nonconformist Church.  Put most simply, this means that we are not an ‘established’ Church, with a formal link to civil authority as the Church of England and the Church of Scotland have.  We are committed to working closely with Churches of all traditions, in prayer and social action, and many of our local churches are now united with local churches from other traditions.

Trinity is a member of the Southern Synod of the United Reformed Church.