On Wednesday 4 March the Wednesday Social Group will be delighted to welcome the “Nonsuch Ringers”, a group of hand bell players. All are most welcome to come and hear the entertainment. The afternoon will begin at 2.30pm in the Mansel Road Centre, and the entertainment will be followed by a special tea.  Come and, Read More

The Group will meet Wednesday 4 February at 2.30 p.m. and all will be welcome to join us. Our own choir member Chris Channer is going to introduce and show a short DVD of the  docudrama of a play she did in Prague,  “A Letter to Woollongong”, written by Dr Jaraslava Moserova.  This will be followed, as, Read More

Image fingers in ears at sound

“It takes years of advanced training to be able to sing!” “Only some people are “real” singers!” “I love music but I’m TONE DEAF!” Is this you?  If so, come on out to… “So you think you can’t sing?” on Tuesday 10 February at 8:00pm Come on out and enjoy an evening of music,, Read More