‘Christening’ Services

As a parent you want to offer your child the best so that he/she will grow into maturity and enjoy life to the full. The Church can play an important part in that growth and development:

  • We all need hope and meaning in life. Christianity says that these are found in God, who made all things and declared them to be good, and who has transformed suffering and death by Jesus’ own death and resurrection.
  • We all need guidance, inspiration and vision. Christianity offers a vision of God who actively loves us and offers to make us more capable of living life to the full. It also gives us a clear example of Jesus to follow as a model and guide for how to live our life.
  • We all need a sense of relationship and community. The Church seeks to be a community of care and support for all. Being with other people enables us to grow and mature, to share the important things of life, and to act together for the good of all.

There are different ways for you and your child to start on this journey with God. At Trinity two main forms of service are possible:

  • Baptism
  • Thanksgiving & Blessing (sometimes with Dedication)

Because Baptism is a mark of commitment to and entry into the Church, we would ask and expect that those seeking it (for themselves or for their children) should already show a regular, committed pattern of attendance at worship and involvement in the activities and fellowship of the church.

If you don’t feel ready to make this kind of commitment, or if you’re looking more for a ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the birth of your child, then a Thanksgiving & Blessing is appropriate.

Some church families feel that they’d prefer their children to make their own decision about Baptism when they’re old enough, but would still like to have a special service in the meantime! In this scenario, a Dedication can be included with the Thanksgiving and Blessing.

Each of these forms of service would normally be included within our regular Sunday Morning Worship.

See also the URC information guide, “Recognising and celebrating the birth of your baby