Our Virtual ‘New Life’ Messy Church is now live. It will stay here for you to view at a time that suits. It is an Easter celebration of crafts, music, story, a quiz and prayer. If you want to get any craft materials ready, our crafts this time include card, runny glue, table salt, paints, wool, egg shells,, Read More


Welcome to Trinity’s Virtual Christingle Messy Church!   A festive celebration of craft, music, story, puppets and prayer It will be here for a while so make sure you watch  when you can!               If you have any more photos of today’s Messy Church send them in to, Read More

Our first-ever “At Home” Messy Church! We’ve been looking at Rainbows: a sign of hope, and a reminder of God’s promise. Have fun with these rainbow-related activities and experiments, listen to the story of Noah, join in the singing with Lavender and Bubblegum, and share in a rainbow prayer!

Our next Messy Church will take place on Sunday 15 March between 4.30 and 6.30pm in the Mansel Road Centre. We will be thinking about St George, St Patrick, St Andrew and St David. Come along to make thistles, shamrocks, daffodils, dragons and much more!  There will be craft, music, worship and a hot meal, so, Read More

Thanks to all those who arranged and came to the wonderful Messy Church Lights Party today.  It was great to see so many people there – a record attendance!  Lots of light- and firework-related crafts, then a lively time of music and worship, followed by fantastic fireworks, ending up with hot dogs.  If you, Read More

Messy Church celebrated the start of Spring on Sunday, saying ‘Thank you’ to God for signs of new life around us, with crafts, music and worship, and a meal.   Twenty-seven attended and enjoyed the activities, with another nine helping.  A good time together!

Come and welcome in Spring and say ‘Thank You’ to God at our next Messy Church on Sunday 24 March. at 4.30pm. Bring your friends for two hours of fun, craft, music, worship and hospitality.  Sign up in the vestry corridor or email the church office to let us know you are coming!

Thirty people, young and not quite so young, enjoyed today’s Messy Church on the topic of Prayer.   Amongst the activities to help us think about prayer were prayer jars to shake and say ‘thank you’. prayer wheels to turn and see what to pray for (a prayer aid);  the Lord’s Prayer in sign language; prayer, Read More