Rooms 3, 4 & 5

These three light rooms on the first floor are inter-connecting, with movable partitions.

They can be hired individually, as a pair, or as a single room which is suitable for a larger meeting or conference.

From room 5, a door leads out onto a roof terrace (unsuitable for children).

The rooms have been used for parties, classes, meetings and other events.

A kitchenette, with facilities for tea and coffee making, is available on this floor, as are toilet facilities.


The rooms set up for a meeting


Room measurements are as follows:

Room 3:  2.8m x 5.8m (16.24 sq m)

Room 4:  3.0m x 5.8m (17.4 sq m)

Room 5: 4.1m x 5.8m (21.32 sq m)

Room 5 has a smart-board and white board.  For further information about use of audio-visual system, digital project and screen, sound system, PA facilities, and wireless internet access, and for individual room rates, please contact the Church Administrator.



Room 3 in use as on its own