Sunday worship

We believe that what we do in church on a Sunday should affirm and support us for whole-life discipleship, equipping us for the work we do in the world during the week.  The worship, teaching and prayer encourage us to serve God using our talents and skills, and help to equip us for life’s major challenges.

Trinity is an inclusive church where everyone is welcome.  We come from many different backgrounds, nationalities and experiences to encounter God in our worship, and our theology likewise covers a fairly broad spectrum, valuing tradition but open to new ways of worship and understanding.

Our worship style is traditional and normally quite formal, but the congregation is open to a variety of styles of worship and some experimentation.

We gather for worship each Sunday at 11:00.  Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month, and also on Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve.

Our services generally follow the liturgical calendar.  Special Sundays are marked such as Rededication Sunday in October, the Season of Creation, and Commitment for Life during Lent

The ‘normal’ pattern of our worship is that the whole congregation meets together for the first part of the service, and this includes a time for children and families.  Following this, the children leave for their own time together, and the Chinese-speaking group leaves for their worship in Cantonese in the Old Hall.  On Communion Sundays, both groups later return to the church to join the rest of the congregation for the celebration.