Church front with doors and noticeboard

Gift Day ‘For Others’

The total raised in our Gift day collection at Trinity in November 2019 was £10,843 and, when Gift Aid is added, this figure will increase to £13,500 .
The money will again be allocated to Charities chosen by Trinity members and friends in a ballot. The following charities were chosen:

Local Charities
Merton Winter Night Shelter
South London Refugee Association
South West London Samaritans
St Raphael’s Hospice

National Charities
Alzheimer’s Research
Cancer Research UK
MacMillan Cancer

International Charities
Barnabas Fund
British Red Cross
Medecins sans Frontieres

Following provision of £2,000 for Disaster Relief, the remaining funds will be split 2/3rds to Faith-In-Action and 1/3rd to Water Aid.