We look forward to welcoming the Revd Bruce Stuart (retired URC minister) who will lead our Service on Sunday morning at 11:00.  

Come and sing hymns for the first time in many months!  

The Bible readings will be Exodus 16. 1–7, 13–21 and John 6. 1-15.

Members, friends and visitors, including children, will be welcome but we still need to observe some Covid safety precautions (click here to see more.)

Twenty-four of us had a wonderful time together in South Park Gardens last Sunday. On a very hot and sunny afternoon food, fellowship and fresh air was enjoyed by all along with games including boules, cricket and a very tricky Ring Toss – although Janet’s impressive score of 220 remained unbeaten all afternoon.
It was a chance to catch up with old friends and to make new ones. It was particularly lovely to get to know the newest members of our Chinese group and for their children to get to know others. They even introduced us to an energetic and quite crazy game called Number Ball.
With thanks to Sarah for organising such a lovely occasion.

Please join us for a few minutes each Wednesday, between noon and 2pm, to pray with the Trinity community.

Pray for Trinity and other local churches, as we adapt to the changes in restrictions and work out the right way forward for the use of our buildings.

Pray for all those involved in care for pets and household animals. Pray for those who train assistance dogs.

Pray for Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda
(This week’s countries nominated in the World Council of Churches Ecumenical prayer cycle)

Photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash

Please join us for a few minutes each Wednesday, between noon and 2pm, to pray with the Trinity community.

Pray for our Vacancy Team and Elders’ Council and Church Secretaries, with all their many and varied responsibilities.

Pray for all those in increasing Covid infection hot-spots. Pray for all the medical services trying to provide optimum care.

Pray for Djibouti, Somalia
(This week’s countries nominated in the World Council of Churches Ecumenical prayer cycle)

The Government has updated its guidelines for places of worship.  Elders’ Council has taken very seriously the Synod Moderators’ guidance to congregations of the United Reformed Church, always remembering that our personal choices have an impact on others.  We still have a legal duty to manage risks to employees, volunteers and visitors.

Elders’ Council is in agreement that we must be cautious whilst infection rates are high and increasing and, for the time being, most precautions will remain unchanged at Trinity.  

From Sunday 25 July the following will be in place:-

  •  You no longer need to register in advance to attend worship.  Please check in when you arrive using the NHS Covid app.  Those who do not have the app can also sign in by hand.  This is so that we are still able to contact you if anyone else subsequently tests positive. 
  • Please use hand sanitiser on entering the building.
  • Face masks will continue to be required inside the church buildings.
  • Congregational singing will be permitted, but face coverings must be worn whilst singing.
  • You are asked to continue socially distancing in the church, leaving one empty pew between seating.
  • Hymnbooks, Bibles and notice papers will not be available, but bring your own books if you wish.
  • A retiring offertory will continue.
  • After church refreshments will not be reintroduced for the time being.
  • These arrangements will be reviewed regularly.

If you have any questions please contact us at churchsecretaries@trinitywimbledon.org.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Trinity and hope you will continue to help us to keep everyone safe and well.

In a response to a worshipper who contacted Church House, the Revd Faber (URC’s Moderator of  West Midlands Synod) wrote:

Thank you for contacting the URC via the website regarding the latest advice on wearing face coverings in church.

I would like to say from the outset that you are not alone, by any means, in having greatly missed congregational singing – I stand squarely with you on that.

You are, of course, right that the legislation on wearing face masks in public buildings, which include our churches, comes to an end on Monday (19 July) and that the Synod Moderators’ advice is that the decision properly rests with the Elders’ Meeting in each local church.

However, we ask everyone to consider their continued use. We do not believe that any local church should decline entry for those who won’t wear face masks. They may, however, out of care for others who are at church, ask you to sit in a particular part of the church, so that those who are more anxious can sit in a socially distanced space and continue to wear their masks.

We must remember that many people are still at significant risk from Covid-19. In the church where I am a member there is someone who has no immune system because of a medical condition and thus cannot be vaccinated.

The Elders therefore have to make some choices about how to make the building as safe as possible so that this member can attend when they feel that infection rates are low enough so that they wouldn’t be running a massive risk.

Perhaps there are people similarly vulnerable in your congregation, or their family members might be so that they need to exercise increased caution in order to be more certain that they won’t take a potentially fatal disease home, or you might have visitors one Sunday in a similar position. We don’t know the full story of everyone around us.

The other key thing to remember is the even double vaccination does not give 100% protection from infection, and that we can pass on the disease even if we don’t have symptoms ourselves.

There are many known cases where doubly-jabbed people have been infected – the BBC’s Andrew Marr is one high profile example and you can read the story of how ill he felt although fortunately he did not need to be hospitalised.

Wearing masks is not primarily to stop us from getting infected (although it does have some benefit there). The main point of a mask is to protect other people from being infected by us, given that we may well not know that we are carrying – and passing on – the virus. Can you guarantee that each Sunday you will be Covid-free?

We also agree, from what you have said, the Coronavirus is here to stay. However, the infection rates are still increasing with the Delta variant. Inevitably this third wave will die down although we don’t yet know how high it will grow before that happens. We can fully expect further waves of infection in the coming months, especially if people relax their vigilance too soon.

Locally to me, the Director of Public Health has just reported that the case rate in our borough is the highest it has ever been. In light of that, I hope and expect that on this point you are wrong: it will get better than this. It will get to a point where it is safer than it is now, and we can then make safer choices to remove our face coverings.

Based on all the scientific data I am reading, and the fact that in every NHS setting face masks will still be compulsory beyond July 19th, I am fully convinced that now is not the time to lose our masks, but I wonder if anyone’s decision to stop wearing a masks is a properly informed one.

As for me, I shall continue wearing mine, and I shall sing praises to God whilst wearing it. Yes, they are a nuisance at times, especially if, like me, you wear glasses.

But my conviction is that it is better for me to be a little inconvenienced than for me to greatly inconvenience others should I happen to be responsible for infecting others – and indeed, risking their lives.

I would simply ask you to think again, and at least consider trying out what it feels like to sing with your mask on for a little longer.

Photo: Julian Wan, Unsplash

Our Service on Sunday morning will be led by the Revd Clive Gardner (Team Vicar of St Mark’s church in Wimbledon).  

The Bible readings will be 1 Kings 19: 1-18 and Matthew 11: 28-30.

Members, friends and visitors, including children, will be welcome but we still need to observe some Covid safety precautions, so…..
If you would you like to come to church on 18 July at 11:00
please email churchsecretaries@trinitywimbledon.org telling us the number of people from your household (and their names) who wish to attend.  We will send confirmation that we have registered you.

The Chinese Group will worship separately in the Mansel Road Centre at 11:00. If you wish to attend please email churchsecretaries@trinitywimbledon.org as above.

Junior Church will take place on Sunday in Room 1 starting at 11:00. Please also email churchsecretaries@trinitywimbledon.org to register children who will be attending.

Although congregational singing is not allowed at present, a small choir will again lead our hymns.  We have taken many steps to ensure everyone is as Covid-safe as possible, and we look forward to seeing you, but please click here for further information.

The United Reformed Church (URC) General Assembly is taking place from 9-12 July online.

General Assembly is the URC’s key decision-making body which meets annually to celebrate, discuss, worship and make decisions about the life and work of the denomination.

For day 1 round up click here
For day 2 round up click here
For day 3 round up click here
For day 4 round up click here

Topics on the agenda this year include the new URC learning hub, action towards an anti-racist church, the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, the URC’s 50th jubilee, the future of Pilots, ministerial disciplinary process, safeguarding, and the pension scheme.

Papers, including the Book of Reports, can be found on the General Assembly papers page.

The meeting will be livestreamed on the URC’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Follow the URC’s news pagesFacebook and Twitter accounts for daily reports which will be posted after the business sessions throughout the Assembly to keep you updated on the decisions made by the meeting.

Please join us for a few minutes each Wednesday, between noon and 2pm, to pray with the Trinity community.

Pray for those who maintain our local commons and parks. Pray for those who pick litter and do other mundance chores to make the open spaces ones where we can be safe, happy and healthy.

Pray for all those who hesitate over vaccination and for those who are unable to be vaccinated or who do not develop immunity following vaccination.

Pray for Eritrea, Ethiopia
(This week’s countries nominated in the World Council of Churches Ecumenical prayer cycle)