Advent Reflections: Listen here

Throughout December our minister Revd Dominic Grant has been producing a series of audio reflections exploring themes from the Advent hymn “O come, O come Emmanuel”.

In the introductory reflection, Dominic talks about the background of the hymn – and about how a little bit of confusion needn’t always be a bad thing.

Part 2 explores Wisdom: what is it, and how do we get hold of it? Dominic ponders insights from Proverbs and Genesis, and visits our next-door school, Wimbledon High School for Girls, to hear from Claire Boyd the Head of the Junior Department.

Part 3 considers how “Law” is understood in the Bible, and Dominic explores with Corinne Marshall from Wimbledon FoodBank how it points to God who provides and sets free.

In part 4, Dominic explores how ancient Israel’s expansion and security under King David shaped the faith of those who came after, and speaks to Major Kerry Coke of the Salvation Army and Merton Against Trafficking.

Part 5: What is it to speak of “Home”? Dominic ponders insights from the Biblical books of Isaiah, Revelation, and John’s Gospel, and hears from Rebecca Stockman of Merton Faith in Action and the borough’s Winter Night Shelter.

Part 6: The long winter nights might prompt us to ponder the imagery of light and dawn in the Bible; Dominic suggests that here the strands of history, theology, and even astronomy are intertwined.

Part 7: In this penultimate reflection, Dominic explores how the scriptures point to a Messiah not for Israel alone, but for all peoples.

Part 8: As the series of Reflections comes to an end, Dominic asks: is there an ‘Easter Egg’ in this Advent hymn?