Daily Devotion for Friday 21st June 2024

Friday, 21 June 2024


I wonder what your daily routine includes? What are the little essentials that add up to normality for you? For me, coffee is pretty much an essential. A standing joke is that when we’re out for the day, I’m keeping an eye open for a likely coffee stop. I’m almost certainly a wee bit of a coffee snob too. I don’t really know much about the more esoteric aspects of the blends and the beans, but I do know a nice coffee when I meet it.

The ways in which the cup and kettle punctuate my days do prompt some other thoughts.

The genius of these Daily Devotions is many and varied. From their creation (bless you Andy!) they have given a little bit of Bible and thought and Prayer to punctuate every day. As they have evolved, with material for Sundays, series for small groups and more, they have become a fundamental element to be relied upon and turned to as the days unfold. Due to the wide variety of writers, we get a constantly shifting pattern of thoughts and insights. All of this is food for our souls and companionship on the journey. And we should rejoice in this.

Another help that I’ve made much use of is the Lectio 365 app on my phone. Every day it draws upon ancient patterns of Prayer to give me a morning and an evening office. Again, different voices come and go as different themes for Prayer are developed. When there’s a feast day the pattern changes so that we are invited to learn a little about and from one of the great characters of Christianity and the Church.

These are just some of the ways in which time set aside for God can become routine in good ways. Not taken for granted and emptying of meaning, but precious and vital and vibrant precisely because they become essential components from which each day gets crafted. Time with God – even better than coffee!


Let the time gather, beautiful and rich. Let it be spacious and spectacular. Let us enter in as we can. Let us dwell deeply in the Holy Spirit’s welcome. Let us find treasures in Prayer. Let us fall in love again and again as the Bible spills your heart to us. Let the peace of Christ enfold, the life of Christ sustain, the gifts of Christ renew. Let us be yours, today. Amen. 

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