Hymns & worship songs – your suggestions welcomed!

std_hymn_sheetThis year it’s planned to produce a new 4th Edition of Trinity Praise, our in-house collection of hymns, songs and canticles for worship.  The current edition dates from 2001, so there’s plenty of scope to refresh the repertoire!  The intention is that it will continue to act as a supplement to Rejoice & Sing, the URC’s denominational hymnbook.

While tastes may differ, everyone who shares in the devotional life of our church has a stake in Trinity Praise, ensuring that it reflects and incorporates the breadth of words and music that help us all to worship.

So….please tell us about hymns or songs which you’d hope to see included (or not included!) in a new edition of Trinity Praise. These might be songs we’ve already sung from time to time with words on the Order of Service, or hymns you’ve heard elsewhere, or indeed material already included in the current edition of Trinity Praise.

Though it’s rarely possible to include every request, all your suggestions will be helpful and will be carefully considered.

As we invite feedback, we’re asking three questions in particular:

1.  Suggestions of hymns/songs for inclusion in Trinity Praise?

2.  Any hymns/songs to be avoided (please tell us briefly why!).

3.  Are there any hymns for which Trinity uses what you consider to be the ‘wrong’ tune?

Please let us have your suggestions by Sunday 26 April by email to trinitypraise@trinitywimbledon.org or use the form available at the church.  Many thanks.