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In the weeks that follow Pentecost we will work our way through the Acts of the Apostles.  The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles are a two volume work seemingly from the same, unnamed, author which, together, deal with the life of Jesus, the spread of his message from Pentecost and the growth of the Church from being a Jewish grouping into something which welcomed Gentiles as the Gospel spread into the Roman Empire.

The Earliest Church was called to evangelise in an age with many competing truths and gods.  It lived in the shadow of a merciless empire which subjugated peoples to its will and imposed its culture upon them but which gave the illusion of peace and harmony.  Christians were called to fearlessly proclaim the faith to an often indifferent audience.

This doesn’t sound too different to the world we are called to evangelise now and, over the Summer months, day by day we will reflect on how our earliest forbears in the faith responded to God’s calling and see if we can learn lessons for our own journeys of discipleship.

We take a break from the narrative on Sundays and continue to look at Psalms and, every so often, we look at a saint and see how their discipleship can serve as a model for our own.