Lent resource: The Big Story

Here’s another resource for Lent that you might like to consider:  “The Big Story” by Fay Rowlands (author of our 2020 nativity play, “God is with us – everywhere!”.

This Lent, discover the Bible as one Big Story of God and God’s people. This book follows the story from the very beginning up to the wonder of Easter morning.

Day be day, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, we read part of The Big Story, with space for you to respond, Bible readings, a reflection and a short prayer. Each week covers a section of the Bible and finishes with the story seemingly crashing to an end, but by God’s grace, it continues.

Gain an overview of the whole story of the Bible, and see how some familiar (and some less-familiar) parts of the Bible fit together.

Perfect for personal devotions, discover The Big Story today.  Available as a paperback or as Kindle edition from Amazon.