Looking together at the Gospel of Mark during Advent

“The Gospel of Mark is stunning. From its declaration heralding an astounding new move of God, right through to its somewhat surprising ending, Mark leaves us in no doubt that this is the greatest story ever told, one that changed the world forever.”  Tracy Cotterell

Join us this Advent as we read this amazing story together.  Beginning on Tuesday 30 November we will be hosting a weekly gathering to read select passages in the Gospel of Mark, reflecting on what this account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus means for our Monday to Saturday lives.

Meetings will be held via Zoom (no need to travel on cold winter nights!) each Tuesday starting at about 8pm, with a mix of Bible reading, discussion and prayer, and lasting no more than ninety minutes. There will be six sessions, continuing into January with a break over Christmas (no meeting on 28 December).

We will be using Mark: Living The Way Of Jesus In The World written by Tracy Cotterell and published by the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. You can buy a copy at their website. Although you can still take part without the book, it contains a lot of extra material which I am sure you will find useful and interesting.

Everyone is welcome and there is no limit on numbers. Put the dates in your diary and look out for further details and the Zoom link to follow. If you have any questions please email me.

Sam Elliot