Merton COVID-19 Community Response 

From Merton Voluntary Service Council:-

In partnership with Merton Council and a range of key partners, we were able to launch the Merton COVID-19 Community Response Hub on Monday 23 March. This has been working well over the last week, considering so little time to set it up – with over 100 residents seeking help, 94 concerned individuals requesting help for others and over 80 volunteers offering support with simple acts to help isolated households and those at risk from COVID-19.

We have a generous list of people willing to volunteer but if you would like to add your name to that list, please complete this form or contact the volunteer taskforce at  You will be partnered with key groups who will allocate you to tasks.

Please note that we are working our way through all the emails. Please bear with us while we do this. Our response time may vary as we prioritise the requests for help from isolated households and those at risk from COVID-19.

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