People’s climate march

Climate change march

On Sunday 29 November, a huge Climate March will be taking place in London.  This is the eve of the crucial climate talks which will be taking place in Paris from 30 November to 12 December. The Paris conference, aims to get all countries to sign a new international agreement to aim to keep global warming below 2°.

It is essential that countries find a way to not exceed this increase in temperature, as we know that if we do there is no going back. Climate change will affect everyone and is already affecting many of the world’s poorest, as well creating job insecurity in developed countries such as the UK. The Climate March, is a national demonstration for climate, justice and jobs.

Ahead of the March, Commitment for Life is working together with a number of other organisations, including Christian Aid, Islamic Relief and World Jewish Relief, to bring together people of faith from all over the UK for an interfaith moment before joining the March. This will be a time to reflect on our faiths’ teachings about climate change and the need to protect our planet.  It will explore scripture and prayers from a number of traditions as well as hearing testimony from those affected by climate change. This will take place from 11:45 at Westminster Synagogue, Knightsbridge, after which we will then walk to join the March.

We at Commitment for Life hope that you will join us and all our partners at this event on 29 November.  If you would like any further information about the event please see the websites shown below or email Amelia Sutcliffe at

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