‘Reform’ this month

Reform this month

What could be done to make church worship become more accessible to the breadth of intellectual and emotional ability in churches and society? In the February 2015 edition of Reform, the United Reformed Church secretary for ministries, Craig Bowman, examines this question. To promote conversation on this topic, discussion questions are available here.



Our February edition also features a four-page interview with the Revd Roberta Rominger on leading, serving and the future of the URC. Find out why “the URC felt like home from day one,” what she feels are the defining qualities of the Church, and what life was really like for the URC’s first woman (and first American) general secretary.

As if all this wasn’t enough, the latest edition of Reform sees the conclusion of Carla Grosch-Miller’s series on sex and spirituality, where she asks: “What can Church do to foster sexual-spiritual integration?” and “Is sex really only about procreation? If not, what is it about?”

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