This week at Trinity

Sunday 29 March – Palm Sunday  (British Summer time begins)
09:00     Choir practice
09:30     Bible with Breakfast
10:00     Meet outside Tesco in Wimbledon Town Centre for Palm Sunday Liturgy & procession with donkey
11:00     Morning worship

Monday 30 March
10:00     Easter Holiday Club
19:45     Holy Week reflection – Stations of Holy Week
20:15     Badminton

Tuesday 31 March
10:00     Easter Holiday Club
19:45     Holy Week reflection – Stations of Holy Week

Wednesday 1 April
10:00     Easter Holiday Club
19:45     Passover Supper at Wimbledon Congregational Church

Thursday 2 April
18:30     Choir practice
19:45     Maundy Thursday Holy Communion including washing of feet

Friday 3 April
10:30     Worship for Good Friday.
Coffee & hot cross buns will be available after the service

Sunday 5 April – Easter Sunday
06:00     Easter Dawn Service at St Marks followed by breakfast at Trinity
09:30     Choir practice
10:30     Elders’ Meeting
11:00     Morning worship with Holy Communion

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