What’s happening on Sunday?

A Trinity service for Mothering Sunday

This week I’ve compiled a Mothering Sunday “Order of Service for Worship At Home” incorporating Bible readings, reflections, prayers, and even some hymns to sing. It’s suitable for individual or whole-household use, and it’ll be emailed to you tomorrow morning (meanwhile printed versions are being delivered to those Trinity members not online). It will also be posted on Trinity’s website.

I am working also to produce a video (or possibly audio) of this service to be included in the email and website so that, if all goes well, we’ll be able to watch and listen together. The video will be very slightly different from the printed version (for example the wording of the prayers will be close, but not exactly the same); but the general idea is that we’ll be able to follow on the page and join in.

So do look out for this resource tomorrow morning and, if possible, make use of it at 11am tomorrow.

–  Dominic

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