Worship Notes and Weekly Intercessions

Worship Notes and Weekly Intercessions for Lent 4

Dear Friends,

this week’s Worship Notes for the Fourth Sunday of Lent have been prepared by the Rev’d Dr Alex Clare-Young and can be found here.  Alex examines two of the readings set for today: 1 Samuel 16:1-13  (where Samuel meets Jesse and his sons to discern which of them is called to serve as king) and St John 9:1-41  (where Jesus meets a blind man).  Alex suggests in these encounters people were asking the wrong questions.  Samuel and Jesse ask the wrong questions about who is to be king and the disciples around Jesus ask the wrong questions about the blind man.  Alex suggests the insights of Disabled Theology mean we often ask the wrong questions instead of listening to what disabled people themselves say.  As ever all the prayers needed for worship, a selection of hymn suggestions and notes to help build a sermon are included.

The Rev’d Elizabeth Gray King has prepared this week’s intercessions.  They can be used in Sunday worship, small groups or for personal use.  My iPad doesn’t seem able to load up the file (and I’m away at the moment) so here are the prayers for you to cut and paste:

Weekly Intercessions Sunday 19th March
The Fourth Sunday of Lent

God of all places and all people,  
We come to you today in the place we are, 
with people on our minds.  
Praise you for people who have shown us new things and new thinking this last week.  
Thank you for those who have been willing to think differently, 
prompted by comments from Gary Linekar 
and those who affirmed, accompanied, and responded to him.  
Thank you for people whose hearts are open 
to mystery, to grace and to attentive listening.  
Thank you for that amazing person who asked each of us the right question.  
We stop and think of that question from that one amazing human.  
Bless them as each of us recalls.  
On this Mothering Sunday, 
we thank you for people who have mothered us in our lives, 
nurturing our growth and grace. 
We each take a moment to recall a mothering time 
from that one who truly helped and loved us without judgement or condition.  
As we scan the news and find a bank closing and another rescuing,  
homes saved from dereliction to provide shelter, 
people drowned in boats as they seek such shelter, 
people awarded for incredible talent, 
people neglected in corridors; 
God, it feels overwhelming.   
Give us grace to ask questions and seek answers 
before we come to our own assumptions about the issues we try to understand.  
Give us the imagination to experience Jesus noticing issues with us. 
Help us know his searching question; 
the one which will help us see deeper than the surface.  
In this silence, we pray for all those issues preying on our mind.  
Finally, dearest trusted God, 
may we all be healed of all that harms us in body, mind and spirit.  
We bring these prayers in the name of Jesus Christ 
and in the power and presence of Holy Spirit.  

I hope these resources continue to be of use to you and your congregations.

with every good wish


The Rev’d Andy Braunston
Minster for Digital Worship

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