Junior Church prayers for Mothering Sunday

These prayers would have been read by Junior Church at our Mothering Sunday service

Generous and loving God.On this Mothering Sunday,at a time when things seem uncertain and scary,
guide us and care for us.

Thank you for our mothers
Fierce and strong women who protect us
Who gave life to us and care for us.

We pray for new mothers,
asking you to give them patience, wisdom and love.

We remember those who are mums to children
with physical or mental-health challenges
Those who are struggling; who do not have enough money,
Or who need the care of their own children.
Those who have lost children,
Those who have children adopted or living away from home.

And we pray too for those
who don’t know the love of a mother or father,
or have a difficult relationship with a parent.

Bless all these today and every day.

We also come to you in a prayer of confession.
We are sorry for the many things that we have done that are wrong in your eyes.
We are also sorry for all the things we should have done but we didn’t do.
We are asking now for forgiveness for these things,
and for other things that we have done wrong and don’t even know about.
Please forgive us.
In your name alone we pray, Amen.

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