Prayers written by our children & young people

Our thanks to the children and young people who have written these prayers in the weeks leading up to today.

Dear Lord,
As we remember that you protect and keep us, we pray for everyone affected by Covid-19; those who have contracted it, those who are caring for patients with it, the researchers and scientists working to find a vaccine and a cure, and the governments as they work out how to best manage it in their countries. In this new situation for the world, please grant us wisdom and kindness, helping us to look outwards and to those who most need help.

We pray for guidance with climate change, praying for those who have suffered from floods and storms, families who have lost their homes, and for those who have the most power to bring about change in the face of climate crisis.We pray for refugees; men, women and children fleeing from war and persecution. We pray for their safety as they cross land and sea and leave behind all they knew of home. We pray for the organisations looking out for them and that we can contribute in small and big ways to finding them a new home and safety.

We pray for people who are trapped in modern-day slavery, subjected to poor conditions and little or no pay. Help us to find ways to release them and give them the protection they deserve and should be entitled to.

In Junior Church, we have been collecting money in ‘jars for change’ for Wateraid. We think of the young women whose task it is to walk for miles to collect the water for their families, leaving school and the hope of a brighter future through education. We pray that our money joins that of many other groups to help protect the hope and future of these women.

We pray that in the midst of the current coronavirus situation, our politicians can also continue to prepare for a Brexit that works for and protects everyone.

We looked at the Prayer Boards and pray for people known to us who are sick, those who need the Food Banks, those who run and donate to the Food Banks.

As Dominic, Miriam and Matthew move onto the next stage of their journey, we pray for them and the process of moving house and church. We pray for Trinity as we start the process of finding a new minister, thinking especially of those called to be on the Vacancy Team.

On Mothering Sunday, we pray for those who mother, whether it is their own children or the children that have come into their lives in other ways. We pray for those for whom Mothering Sunday is a difficult day and ask that You lift them up.

In Thessalonians, Paul writes ‘The Lord is Faithful and he will protect and strengthen you’
Lord, accept these prayers in the name of Jesus our Saviour, and protect and strengthen us in the week ahead.  Amen

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