Worship at Home for Remembrance Sunday – 8 November

Join us at 10:50am for our Remembrance Sunday ‘Worship at Home’, which will include our Act of Remembrance.

The service will be led by Sandy McLeish, one of our Elders.

The Bible readings will be Micah 4: 1-5 and Matthew 5: 38-48.  If you would like to follow the text of the service, you can read/download it by clicking here.

With thanks to Sandy; Andrew our director of music, with Trinity’s choir; and to Alissa, Chris and Grace for Bible readings, prayers of concern, the Lord’s Prayer and Offertory respectively.

Please aim, if possible, to start watching the video at 10:50am on Sunday so that, even in our separation, we can be sharing together in worship.  However if that’s not possible or convenient for you, do make use of the videos at whatever time suits!

If the embedded video above is not working correctly, you can also view it by clicking here.


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