Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus, our Easter service is led by Revd Dominic Grant and includes an act of Communion – please have some bread and wine (or juice) ready to share at home. Please aim, if possible, to start watching the video at 11am so that, even in our separate places, we can, Read More

Everyone is welcome at our Advent Sunday service with Holy Communion at 11:00.  We will also hear from a paramedic about the life-saving work of London’s Air Ambulance (the charity we are supporting at this year’s Christmas Tree Festival).

You will be most welcome to join us at any or all of our Christmas services Sunday 1 December – Advent Sunday 11:00     Morning worship with Holy Communion We will also welcome Paramedic Rachel Peacock to speak about the work of London’s Air Ambulance Charity Sunday 8 December – Christmas Tree Festival 11:00 , Read More